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Writing about the darkness inside us...


Hinting at Shadows


On the Edge of a Raindrop


About Me

Sarah Brentyn is an introvert who believes anything can be made better with soy sauce and wasabi.  

She loves words and has been writing stories since she was nine years old. She talks to trees and apologizes to inanimate objects when she bumps into them.  

When she’s not writing, you can find her strolling through cemeteries or searching for fairies.

My blog Lemon Shark is an eclectic mix of observations and thoughts on writing and the world around me. 

On Lemon Shark Reef, I write flash fiction (and the occasional haiku) when the muse moves me. 

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My Work

I've written fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, columns, web content, newsletters, to-do lists, and love notes. 

My collections of short fiction, Hinting at Shadows and On the Edge of a Raindrop, are now available in ebook and paperback.

I am currently working on my YA novel and a poetry collection. 

I have a master's degree in writing and have taught at both the secondary and collegiate levels. I created and taught writing workshops for various age groups from Kindergarteners to teens. 

I spent two years as a Lifestyle Columnist and my nonfiction has appeared in Literary Mama, Mamalode, as well as two anthologies: How I Found the Write Path and  Women Awakening. 

My fiction has been featured on Speculative 66, Rewriting Mary Sue, Flash Fiction Magazine, Grimm Report, Friday Phrases, and in the anthologies: The Congress of Rough Writers Volume 1 and Adverbially Challenged Volume 4 (forthcoming in Volume 5).